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The Dream Induced by the Red Flowers

罌粟 上海 ~ YīngSù Shanghai
6 September 1985
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❤ Welcome to my house ❤

The place you just entered and this profile page have been built across the years since 2008. At that time I closed my previous livejournal account, my newbie place, where I started as a blogger somewhere between 2004 and 2005. I cannot remember the name of that blog. Long time... :)
Here, I've met some of the most important ppl in my live, hamykia, my dear friend, we met in Madrid and here we have all the fun!; chkusiya, my lovely friend in the distance, we finally met last year!!; my dear ariadnechan, we worked a lot toguether in those latest scanlations of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, xxxHOLiC, D.Gray-Man and the series I started with, Loveless and bluwim that introduced me to the cosplay world. The list is long, but I love you all ;)

As in the layers of an onion the last years of my life are recounted here.
Please enter, and enjoy your visit.

Present Song...

... has the color of the evening Sun: Orange.
Past Song...

... has the green color of the opened traffic lights.
Future Song...

... the white color of the all and the unknown.

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Fujoshi Sin Fronteras Scanlation Project
FSF scanlation sample

Después de un par de años de aparecer exporádicamente por aquí, decidí volver de algún modo a mi anterior actividad. Sin recuperarla al 100%, obviamente, debido a mi trabajo pero sí con ánimo de colaborar en un proyecto de este tipo en mis ratos libres.

De este modo, cuando hamykia me propuso editar algunas series Yaoi, como Junjou Romantica, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi y algunos de nuestros doujinshis preferidos solo puede decirle que sí. Información de la comunidad y algunos de sus miembros la podéis encontrar en los links de más arriba :)

What you can read down here is the profile as it was before 2009

....Hi! Here, it's me^^

....about YING SU
Name:~ YingSu Shanghai ~; Age: 23; Horoscope: OX; Blood: uh, i don't know...; State: Crazy; Tall: 172 cm; ♥ ♥ Current fandom: D.GRAY-MAN, Vampire Knight, Pandora Hearts, 07Ghost, High School Ouran Host Club, Bakuman, Kuroshitsuji, Loveless,... ♥ ♥ [[ Geek-in-Pink~Only&Original ]](R) A mystic, magic, ironic, libertine, careless, otaku, geek; With everything she can, YingSu just wanna have fun!!; Don't wait! Just add me as a friend! I've done some jobs for the comunity, more than a few icons, wallpapers & skins for winamp, you'll find here the last translations of Loveless and Spanish Scanlations for both D.Gray-Man and Loveless.;* Enjoy them!
*Just read special note :(

The Dream of the Red Flowers

She has violet dark eyes, & she uses them to walk around. She frowned at the world today though they only saw her laugh. 'cause the sounds can be seen, she made the colours of a dream, with a little voice of hope, that nobody will ever hear. Her neurons are vibrating at the waves of her own song, a song for live of freedom, you wouldn’t even feel. This song was far away of her own deep breathless brain, but now that it clearly appears she won't let it leave her aside. Her song has violet sounds of discordant notes from the pass of a present loaded of decisions, & a future to enjoy with. She has violet dark eyes, & a solution in her hands, maybe near,
probably rude, now I just want to walk to it.

...where i am?
Special note.
I'll never give up about me being here almost 24/7 as before, i think in the near future i'll be able to interact more with you guys (You know i love you!). But lately i'm really busy *all about transitions* so i guess it's quite impossible^^. Still, i thought i must write it here somewhere in order to do it more...'oficial'? I'll be back for sure! With lots of scanlations, translations, colorings, icons, fanfics...i have a dream, try again my fanarts again!! (I dont draw since i was in school...so...:S). OK! Just wait and see!! :) Date: 09.23.07.

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main entry:1aischiteru function: verb 1 a: {1} incorrectly spelled on purpose; a blog crew community; a place to claim characters or people.

And i claim for myself:
name: Haine Rammsteiner
fandom: Dogs Bullets & Carnage
category: manga (soon anime too!!)
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name: Yu Kanda
fandom: D.Gray-Man
category: manga/anime
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you're mycrazy.

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you're mycrazy.

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you're mycrazy.

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LAVI told me he loved me,
and all I could do was blush


ZERO told me he loved me,
and all I could do was blush


On Christmas Eve, SOUBI and I
plan on waiting outside for Santa

I'm crazy for KURAN KANAME

I'm crazy for ZERO KIRYOU

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